He Makes You Fly

Recycled and refurbished a post I wrote a few summers ago, now  for Wonderfully Made!

Stefan Rayner

A Kite. Up there, bight and high. The tails streamlining behind like ribbons in little girls hair flowing when they run. The colors draw the eyes of people from miles around. All are staring up at the beautiful Kite floating gracefully.

The Kite dips and twirls as the wind moves it from here to there, like a ballerina dipping and twirling in the finale of her show. She is beautiful.

The One guiding the Kite gives a gentle tug, maneuvering her like a seasoned captain does his ship on the high seas- with ease and knowing. Sometimes the Guide lets the Kite fly higher and sometime He brings it back down to a reality that might hurt, as it looks like it might crash to a halt, but only because the Guide wants to show that He is in control of this beautiful Kite. Always.

But look! The Kite reaches her greatest heights when the String is taught. The String is the connection from the Kite to the Guide. And the Kite won’t be loosed to the world, so long as she stays connected to the String. When the connection is strong, the Kite inherently reaches her greatest gains.

And then there is the Wind. The Kite only flies when she let’s the Wind carry her, otherwise she lies lifeless and empty on the ground. The Kite needs the Wind to lift her up. She can only do what she is designed to do when she releases herself to the Wind and lets the Wind fill her up.

You, who flits in the Wind thinking it’s your own talent, don’t realize that the Wind is what moves you. You, who pulls against the String, trying to make your own way, don’t realize that the String is what keeps you grounded to the Guide. You, who thinks you can see all from your place in the sky, don’t realize that your Guide to earth, sky, and everything in between is the One who set you free to begin with.

So when you want to take off and do it your own way, don’t forget the Three and the One. He is Who makes it possible to be a Beautiful Kite so you can be free and SOAR.

As an altogether beautifully crafted Kite, you won’t last without the Guide, String, and Wind to keep you soaring and moving all for His glory, just as you were designed to. Stay connected, stay filled, and stay grounded so that others might look at your life and where He is taking you, and then stand in awe at the beauty of your life.


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