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PC: Shivang Kapoor, IE Alumni 2019

Upon graduating college, I emailed one of my professors who has a number of published books, asking him how to become a writer, a dream that settled deep within me once upon a time when I was in elementary school. His sage advice: Just do it. If you want to write, then write!!

Almost a year later, I finally took my professor up on his advice and Written Jewels developed in both name and style, since I first began publishing posts. The end goal of this blog has remained the same: Just write.

Written Jewels has expanded from a simple blog to my own, signature “coffee table” book featuring the best of the entire collection.

My latest venture is offering high-end, gorgeous jewelry with the exclusive, new company Bellia. By becoming a brand partner with Bellia, women can celebrate the beauty of life with the unique selection of jewelry. Feel confident and uplifted as you select your latest jewelry from a generous array of necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings and brooches, ethically sourced with Kingdom principals to back up the brand.

Additionally, a priority to my own life is wellness. I desire wellness of body, mind, spirit, relationships, and finances. Written Jewels a Wellness Lifestyle stemmed from my pursuit of a life of wellness. It features products that I use in daily life and wouldn’t hesitate recommending to anyone wanting better physical and physiological wellness. Written Jewels a Wellness Lifestyle is also an online social community to learn from and encourage each other. Learn more about Written Jewels a Wellness Lifestyle here!

It’s all personal. It’s all meaningful. It’s all a work in progress, just like most things in life.

The vision of Written Jewels has remained the same since its inception – to stay vulnerable and open in word and thought; in hopes that someone, somewhere, might be inspired and garner a bit of encouragement and inspiration in their day!

So I write for you and I write for me, and I know that if you stick with me, you will glimpse a story unfold of the beauty and pain in the musings of one woman, that will in turn allow you yourself to thrive as you begin to see life in a new way.


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Written Jewels and Other Fine Things: Jewels of written encouragement for everyday life. And a creative outlet to inspire health and wellness in others.


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