PC: Whitney Butterbaugh

Upon graduating college, I emailed one of my professors who has a number of published books, asking him how to become a writer, a dream that settled deep within me once upon a time when I was in elementary school. His sage advice: Just do it. If you want to write, then write!!

Almost a year later, I finally took my professor up on his advice and Written Jewels me_laughing in raindeveloped in both name and style, since I first began publishing posts. The end goal of this blog has remained the same: Just write.

There is no rhyme or reason to my musings on life and simple posts. It’s just me finding an outlet to write and publish, honing in on my skills and developing my writer’s voice… whatever that looks like without putting myself in a box.

It’s all personal. It’s all meaningful. It’s all a work in progress.

In reality, my writing stems from processing everyday life and conversations. Maybe a trip. Maybe a talk with a friend over a cup of coffee. Maybe a metaphor centered on a kite. Whatever I write and publish to Written Jewels, I do so for myself, to stay vulnerable and open with my thoughts and words; I do so for me_sitting in grassothers, in hopes that someone, somewhere might be inspired and garner a bit of hope and encouragement in their day; and ultimately I do so for God as He gave me the desire to write in the first place.

So I write for you and I write for me, and I know that if you stick with me, you will glimpse a story unfold of the beauty and pain in the musings of one girl, bent on drinking deeply of life wherever her dreaming heart allows.




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