Because Demons Are Real. And it’s Almost Halloween.


I sat on the stone bench in front of the fireplace and I felt it first. Evil permeated the room, squeezing my heart like a fist, choking my neck. It was hard to breath as I looked around the room. I saw it. The luminescent green, shadowy figure crept to a halt on the stairs and turned toward me. Without eyes, it looked right through me; as if it knew things about the world that I didn’t. His long boney fingers wiggled in anticipation of what I might do. Run. Scream. Or just throw a blanket over my head praying it wasn’t real and would leave me alone. Its dark grey robes flowed and moved in the air as if there was a breeze shifting the shadowy folds. I closed my eyes and prayed quickly, willing God to make it leave. And it did. Just like that.

«Jude 1:6» «Ephesians 6:12» «Colossians 2:15» «1 John 4:4»


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