Dilapidated Mansion

Country living means you might stumble upon eerie but timeless places like this. This mansion is for sale not far from the home I recently moved from, though I just discovered it a few weeks ago. The mansion is tucked away behind foliage and pine trees older than the history of the people that might have lived here. It’s so creepy looking, straight out of a horror flick. Then again I have a pretty active imagination that took me places like a woman in a thread bare dress, awaiting her dead child, staring at me from one of the many windows.

Yikes and it’s not even Halloween yet!

I don’t do scary, so I didn’t spend a ton of time here. But oh man this place would be just perfect for some type of film!!



Because Demons Are Real. And it’s Almost Halloween.


I sat on the stone bench in front of the fireplace and I felt it first. Evil permeated the room, squeezing my heart like a fist, choking my neck. It was hard to breath as I looked around the room. I saw it. The luminescent green, shadowy figure crept to a halt on the stairs and turned toward me. Without eyes, it looked right through me; as if it knew things about the world that I didn’t. His long boney fingers wiggled in anticipation of what I might do. Run. Scream. Or just throw a blanket over my head praying it wasn’t real and would leave me alone. Its dark grey robes flowed and moved in the air as if there was a breeze shifting the shadowy folds. I closed my eyes and prayed quickly, willing God to make it leave. And it did. Just like that.

«Jude 1:6» «Ephesians 6:12» «Colossians 2:15» «1 John 4:4»