Balance During the Holidays When You Own A Business

Life is all about balance, we’ve heard it applied to many, many situations in life. This time of the year, with Holidays upon us is the balance of work and business. But how do we create balance in a way that friends, family, employees, and customers all get the best of you during this incredibly important time of the year?

This article touches on three key points to finding balance during the holidays. As a solopreneur, it’s easy to get out of balance, but it’s also entirely possible to live life well. These steps are things that I’ve done to live life well during these busier than usual days.

1. Stay organized

Lists, times, planning. It matters for work, it matters for home, now it matters even more for work and home during this time of the year. I make lists from when I workout to what needs to be done during the day. I respond, connect, send emails, do what I need to at home and work, and CROSS THINGS OFF MY LIST as I do them.

Making lists and crossing things off matters because I not only feel productive that way, but I stay super organized in a way I wouldn’t otherwise. This also keeps me balanced during the holidays. I can clearly see what is work related and what is home/holiday life that I’m putting my energy into.

2. Keeping my start and stop times

Start and stop times with work, exercise, time give to friends and family, and time shopping or doing at home holiday activities must be kept. There isn’t a better way that I’ve ever experienced with keeping boundaries than to follow my own start and stop times. Not going past those times is key to staying on track. It also will help other around you, especially family, to know when you are available and when you are not, And this matters even more if you are like me and work from home. Work and not work can become convoluted, so stay on track with your start and stop times.

I CAN get distracted. But I try not to. And one easy way is to keep my start and stop times for this busy holiday season flowing with ease and actually following them. Times help create balance during the holidays!

3. Relax

Lastly, but most importantly – RELAX! It’s easier said than done sometimes, but by staying relaxed in the process of all there is to do, you will have a better holiday season. Know your boundaries, stick to them, get organized, and then relax into the process. Without the ability to relax, you’ll soon see the entire holiday season get away from you and you will be worse off for it. Take the next couple of weeks in stride and you will come out the other side alive and well!

To Wrap Up

There are three simple steps you can find balance during the holidays. Make lists, stick to the allotted times for work and outside-of-work activities, and relax into the process and the season that’s upon us. By following these three steps you will have a better, healthier holiday season that you are excited about, rather than stressed out about.

What else can you add to the list that help bring balance during the holidays? Drop a comment!


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