{Q&A} How Being a Mom Pushed One Woman to Choose Crunchi

{Q&A} How Being a Mom Pushed One Woman to Choose Crunchi

At Written Jewels I love supporting women in business, supporting a lifestyle of wellness, and supporting pure products that make a positive impact. Your skin and body matter- they tell a story that the world gets to see, and therefore what you put on and in your body matters too! The story of Monique and Crunchi aligns perfectly with all that Written Jewels stands for. And I hope you take the chance to learn and hear a story of finding confidence in business and spreading the good news of purity in products.

A Q&A with Monique Murphy. She is the mom to two high school boys Quinn and Colin. She grew up in Rhode Island and as a young girl wanted to be a ballerina! She moved to central PA 17-years ago because of a relocation with her current day job where she works full time. She aims to grow her Crunchi business to allow herself the opportunity to share Crunchi and mentor other women to build their goals and dreams.  She loves to spend time with her “village”, and to fill her cup through friendships, yoga, golf, and walking. 

– Juliandra Jackson, Owner and Founder of Written Jewels

Q: What is Crunchi in a nutshell? A: Crunchi is a toxin-free, safe, clean, high-performing makeup and skin care brand that is focused on ingredients that are good for you and perform. Crunchi just celebrated their 5-year Crunchi-versary!

Q: How long have you been working for Crunchi? A: I joined Crunchi in April of 2018. 

Q: Why did you get involved with the company?  A: I found Crunchi when I turned 50!  I was looking for a good lipstick!  One day, my sister and I were talking and she said, you need to get in touch with my friend, she found this safe toxin-free makeup and it is so great, it feels amazing!  So, I reached out and once I tried the lipstick sample and the primer and foundation, I just signed on to start sharing the clean beauty mission.  I didn’t know that the FDA really hasn’t made changes to regulations, and it is really scary the ingredients that can be in our personal care products.

“Due to a lack of regulation, the United States Food and Drug Administration permits cosmetic companies to use toxic chemicals known to be harmful in their products. As a result, chemicals linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity, developmental toxicity, immunotoxicity, organ toxicity, neurotoxicity, and many other health concerns are hidden in the cosmetics women are using on their bodies every day.” 

Crunchi Website

Q: What most motivates you for offering healthy beauty products to people? A: Being a mom made me think about everything differently, healthier food options, activities; and then as I found myself as a single mom, I found Crunchi to be a new learning path for choosing to take a chance on a new business venture, to show my two sons that even though I was scared, I felt compelled to try and share clean beauty and to do my best. I love that Crunchi has given me the opportunity for them to see me work hard (besides at my FT job) at what I love and to connect with other women and for my boys to also work hard and try new things.

Well, now that I know better, I just feel like I need to educate and spread the Crunchi love about knowing that ingredients matter for your health, and for your families and loved ones. I want other women to jump in and learn more and make healthier choices for themselves.

Q: One product I personally love is the charcoal soaps. What is the purpose of charcoal in beauty products? I’ve been seeing the trend grow wider to include things like toothpaste and shampoos. A: The charcoal facial bar is amazing for those with normal, acne prone or combination skin.  Use this bar to clarify your pores and balance your skin. Charcoal and kaolin clay detoxify your skin, to remove impurities and improve radiance. It also includes organic lemon and tea tree oils to make this facial truly invigorating and a must have!

This bar is perfect for teens and men love them too, so don’t forget to pass this info on to the men in your life.

The best part is that you can maximize your skincare routine AND minimize your environmental impact with our Facial Bars!!  The packaging is comprised of 100% biodegradable and recyclable post-consumer waste paper! These thoughtfully and consciously packaged facial bars skip the plastic, leaving behind a much cleaner footprint and face!

Q: What are some benefits of using charcoal products? A: Charcoal helps to extract the “goop” from your skin, cleaning and removing the dirt and oils.  It takes the grime and excess oils away. 

Crunchi’s Charcoal Facial Bar is the perfect cleanser to clarify pores and balance your skin’s natural oils. Charcoal and kaolin clay detoxify your skin, to remove impurities and improve radiance. Paired with fresh organic lemon and tea tree essential oils, the Charcoal Facial Bar’s scent is invigorating, uplifting, and overall–amazing.

We also have a Charcoal Body Bar. It’s comprised of organic essential oils and toxin-free ingredients, the Charcoal Body Bar cleans, moisturizes, detoxifies and exfoliates without exposing you to potentially harmful toxins found in conventional cleansers. Ideal for most skin types, this bar is gentle enough for daily use.  Advocates have also used as a shampoo, and loved it!

Our skin absorbs much of what it comes in contact with, making what you put on your body just as important as what you put in your body.

Q: What would you suggest to someone when wanting to switch to natural beauty products, but are unsure how or what line to go with?  A: I would say that making the switch is important because we know what we eat, and try to stay healthy that way, is just as important for what we put on our skin. I would advise to take small steps and keep moving in the right direction by reading labels. There are a couple apps that Advocates use, in addition to our amazing Crunchi website where you can find a list of BANISHED ingredients, which are ingredients you should be looking for to avoid in your products.

We encourage people that are looking to make the switch to clean products to start with our “trifecta”-  the Smart Primer, our Beautifully Flawless Foundation, and the Flat Top Brush to apply.  But with the growth that Crunchi has had in these 5 years, and with the mask wearing everyone has to do, I would say that the skincare line has grown like crazy and starting with the facial bars, our Daylight AM Moisturizer and follow that with Sunlight SPF30, that really takes care of your skin with nourishing ingredients.  Here is the link for people to learn more and share with others to spread the clean beauty mission.

Q: Anything you would like to add? A: It is a true gift to be a Crunchi Advocate. It is more than extra income, it is a sisterhood that I didn’t know I needed, and an education at the tip of my fingers through Crunchi.com, and our Advocate community. I love being part of this team and knowing that I am helping others with healthy and safe choices for themselves and those they love.


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