{Travel Tuesday} Morocco: A Dream Here and Gone


ⓉⓇⒶⓋⒺⓁ 𝒯 𝓊 ℯ 𝓈 𝒹 𝒶 𝓎 : One of the best trips of my life was the two weeks I spent in Morocco for Christmas and New Years last year. Studying and living in Madrid, Spain, I wasn’t about to spend the time and money going back to the USA when the goal of my year abroad was to travel, see, and go to as many other places as possible. And this trip was super special because there were a total of 8 women from all over who made the trip, most of whom I knew from church back home in the USA. Such a God thing, because it was too crazy good of a trip to not be set up by the One above.

Anywhoo, part of me thinks that girl trips are THE BEST. Two weeks spent laughing ourselves to sleep amidst no judgment with the amount of selfies we took because we were all doing it. Plus the magic of traveling by bus from city to city eating loads of tagine, getting treated to mint tea at every turn, and learning the history Morocco, such as Fez boasting the first university of the world, now used as a mosque.

This trip We rang in New Years under the desert stars as bright and long as the eye could see. We rode camels that we got to name and discovered that Algeria and Morocco share the desert with each other. We went to a hammam and laughed as we deep cleaned ourselves in the weekly Moroccan ritual together.

Moroccan Tea Christmas Day

Here is the thing, my Morocco trip was there for a moment and then gone forever. I have the photos and videos to help me remember. I’ll forever be grateful for the flashes of dusty landscape and seeing a leather tannery. The trip was both an answer to prayer and a promise to myself that the good things that come to us should not be taken advantage of and dismissed, but instead seized, rung out and used up, every last drop. I could cry and complain that those good times are done and the trip is over. Or I could realize that it was a gift and more good gifts, different gifts are yet to come from God above.

I will NEVER get today back. I will never get last weekend back. I will never get my trip to Morocco back. But I can seize the moment, day, season I’m in now ringing it out to dry for all the good that’s in front of me, knowing that God is leading me down wonderful paths to places I only dream of now, set up by Him, just like my Moroccan trip.

A dream here and gone– don’t take advantage of where you are at, instead find the good, and soak it all up. In another day, week, month, or year, it will all be gone and you’ll be in a new place in life with just the memories.



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