Because Photography


One of my goals while earning my master’s degree this year in Spain was to in my free time travel and pull out my camera. In the last eight months of moving to Europe, I’ve definitely been able to accomplish both of those things! I live in Madrid and though there are certainly some pretty spots that feature architecture and history such as Plaza Mayor, to get out of Madrid for cities like Sevilla is refreshing.

I HIGHLY recommend the springtime Feria festival held two weeks after Semana Santa each year. The bright colors, smells of seafood and churros con chocolate, horse drawn carriages, and women dressed in flouncy flamenco dresses encapsulate Andalusian vibes. Between walking the festival, el Rio Guadalquivir, and the city to my favorite spot- Plaza de España, Queen Amadala’s castle in Star Wars, it was a HOTTT 90° weather weekend, but worth it for the photos and study abroad memories years before.

Sevilla memories of drinking Tinto de Verano (Spain’s drink of choice leaving Sangria to tourists), studying by the water, and all the parties we used to show up at midnight not leaving till 4am make for some of the most fun memories of college. And last weekend was a blessing to return to this underrated, incredibly beautiful city.

Besides the travel, putting my mind to improve photography, and getting the chance to really see what a wide lens can do with the city scenics. It is way different than my close up, tight, detail photos I usually aim to capture. Trying new techniques and lenses makes me realize that as soon as I get “good” at one thing in the world of video or photo, there are 1,000 other new things to learn and try with the camera.

At the end of the day, to walk away with 30+ photos that I’m proud of from one city, means that my goals in photography this year are coming true and I’m excited to see what other photos I will get in the next two months as I finish out my schooling.



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