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Looking for a cute gift for your mom, sister, girlfriend, or really anyone special in your life? What if you could give a gift and know that where you buy it from is ethical and gives back to the world around us? Wonderfully Made has pulled together a list of places that you can buy from that really capture the art of giving this Christmas season!



Haiti Design Co-op is a Haitian based company in Port Au Prince established in 2014. They empower the community around them by creating artisan products -leather, jewelry, and sewing -as a way to sustain families through job creation. Workers are given training, lunch, health care, saving accounts and more. Through training and collaborating between workers in Haiti and the US, Haiti Design Co-op is able to share their products through meaningful, slow fashion ideals and sustainable jobs. Check out their unique collections of bags, clothing, and leather. They even have designs for men!

exoduscryExodus Cry is a film production company whose goal and mission is to share the stories of people who have been caught in the sex trafficking industry. Documentary film production, changing laws, and helping women caught in sex trafficking are all under the umbrella of Exodus Cry. One source of funding is their very own online store where you can purchase gifts like clothing, jewelry, books, and even home decor. How great would it be knowing you are shopping with a cause when you purchase a cozy shirt or beaded earrings?



Prosperity Candle allows women who have been displaced as refugees to provide for their families in simple, beautiful work of candle making. They promote entrepreneurial opportunities for women from around the world. Based in Massachusetts, the women at Prosperity Candle are refugees from other countries and have found renewed lives through their work. The candles come in a variety of scents and collections to make a personalized selection for your friends and family as you shop!


*All media is property of the businesses listed.


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