Dear Daughter


Photo Cred: Nick Wilkes

Dear Daughter,

Sit with me while I tell you a story. Can you do that? This story begins long before you were born. Long before your brothers and sisters, friends, and even your parents were born. It begins at the dawn of time, when I created time…

Before there was anything, I AM, and it was then that I thought of you.

I was already dreaming of creating your fingerprints, your eyelashes, your toes, your heartbeat.

You see it is in My nature to create. I can’t help Myself!

I love creating snowflakes in various crystal designs. I love creating the thin, red skin of an apple, with a sweet crunchy flesh just below. I love creating translucent water that rushes over rock formations that I molded, forming waterfalls with a soothing sound. And of course there are the animals of every kind!

I am in the thick sinew of an elephant trunk. And in the light twittering of Lovebirds as they flit about. From every ladybug spot to transparent butterfly wing… I created it all.

But guess what I love more than all of these creations and creatures combined? You.

You, my darling, I sing over. You, my princess, I call my own. You, my daughter, I gave up my Son for- nailed to a splintered cross, whipped beyond recognition, His flesh pouring out blood and water, all for you.

Your heart is worth it, and I desire your love and adoration. So though I created everything, I also gave My Everything.

Dear daughter.

Take a deep breath; know that I sustain your life with My breath.

Wiggle your fingers; see that I set aside your hands to worship Me.

I gave you a nose to smell the fragrance of spring. And lips that curl up when you laugh. And wisdom to make choices that honor Me.

Dear daughter. I love you…

Will you think of Me this Valentine’s Day? Will you think of My love for you?

Will you love Me in return?

Dear daughter, no matter what you say, know that my love will always be there for you.


Your Abba, Your Father



*This post was originally written for Wonderfully Made.



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