Internet Adventure.


I was just thinking to myself about how the Internet is like a good book, taking you places you never knew existed. You could be sitting on a bed or at a desk, but your mind is elsewhere and the Internet can let you access true and untrue worlds of the past, the present, and the future.

Let me explain further. I am an avid reader. I savor literature, historical fictions, and romance novels. I treasure history, culture, business, and theology. I am curious to learn and love that I can use my imagination, reading about the life of a cowboy winning the heart of his lover, one day and an American girl in India running for her life, the next. And for someone with somewhat of an “old soul,” wishing for the days when TV was not the focus of the room and conversations didn’t manifest over texts, this was a rather inspiring thought. “What if the Internet really was an adventure waiting to happen?” like The Forgotten Waltz starting at Page One with, “I met him in my sister’s garden in Enniskerry,” and ending with…?

This was the process that took me to “Internet Adventures”: Who said the quote, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”? Oh yeah, It was in Invictus and Nelson Mandela said it, I think. Well, who said, “May the wind be always at your back”? Oh yeah, that’s from an Irish blessing. I wonder what would come up on my computer if I just typed it in? What other Irish blessings would pop up and what time period would they come from? Suddenly, my curiosity was so great. I opened up my computer willing this “adventure” to take place, so I could escape reality for a few moments and be inspired with great words of the past. Words from other cultures and times.

Like I said, I am an old soul and Reallllly wish LCD screens didn’t monopolize our attention, so this is all very new. The Internet has been a place of work for me, to research, to write, and to read and respond to emails. The Internet has been a place of procrastination for me, to stream movies, or to check out the latest pics of my friend’s fast paced lives on Facebook. It has been a place where I can easily lay in bed and window shop for clothing trends and my newest cravings, or to find fun and useless facts about life. I have never gone to the internet to get inspired and even now, to write a blog post dedicated to the Internet is… eerie. I go outside, pray, sit under the stars, people watch a coffee shops, walk in the woods, drive through the countryside, read a book, call a friend…

Tonight, I was hit with a new concept of the world of Internet that has changed how our culture perceives life and our interactions with people around us. The Internet is more than a shallow place to spend time or easy way to get info for our questions. It is an Adventure. And a simple Google search can take me to Ireland in .42 seconds with other Irish proverbs, inspiring quotes, and pictures of places my heart yearns to visit. SO, here I am, baring my old soul and turning the corner from viewing with disdain the addicting, monopolizing, and distracting nature of the Internet, to re-framing the Internet as an “Adventure” with so much of life and others’ stories at my fingertips.


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