A Christmas Poem.

christmas-stress-511x340It flew in so fast, it’s that time of the year…

Tinsel, music, decorations, and good cheer.

The tree is up, the lights are tangled.

Stop little brother! Now I’m getting strangled.

Mom! He pushed me and is pulling my hair.

Hunny, be a lady, you’re acting like a bear.

But I… But he…

I don’t even LIKE Christmas tress!

The stockings are lined up all in a row.

Wood fire is crackling, the fireplace aglow.

Did you wrap all your presents? Who are you forgetting?

I did Mom, I did! Okay, hun, just checking!

Sugary sweet, candy canes.

White candles burning in windowpanes.

Christmas cookies for Santa, all of them bright green.

But the best decoration of all is the Nativity Scene.

Oh right, it’s Christmas!

It’s about remembering Jesus.

The Christmas spirit, that time of the year…

Tinsel, music, decorations, and good cheer.


One thought on “A Christmas Poem.

  1. cherylhattrup says:

    You really captured the chaos surrounding Christmas, Which is then followed by an abrupt realization that we need to remember to put Christ back into Christmas which dramatically slows down the pace of the poem and puts things into perspective. Love it! Nice job!

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