He stood her up again. Three days ago, he had guaranteed she could depend on him. That he would be there for her when she needed him. They made a plan to meet, talk, and debrief the latest life catastrophe. And of course he has promised to lift heavy boxes since she was in the process of moving. But with another missed phone call and ignored text, she knew it was hopeless to hope he would respond. She called him all kinds of bitter names in her head, while speeding down the freeway. Tears stung her eyes as the day she had anticipated fell to pieces with each mile that she fled the city.

The scenery changed, the sun grew dim in the sky. She pulled off the freeway to the first gas station. Her make-up was smeared in dark lines around her blue eyes. She searched for something to clean up a bit, but then fell to an exhausted slump on her steering wheel. That’s when she heard the still small voice whisper in a tender spot. “There is a Friend that sticks closer than a brother, and I am here.” She didn’t want to be let down again, disappointed, and ashamed of her naivety of some people’s unconcern, carelessness, and disregard for her well-being. So she tried to ignore the voice. But as verses flooded her mind of this Perfect Friend, she knew she should give up her heart to Him once more.

Her broken tattered heart from all the years of neglect and manipulation from the people she should be able to trust. Part of her didn’t want to forgive. Or forget. Or be kind to the one person in her city she should be able to count on. But in her weakness, and she did feel weak toward him, the True Friend could be strong for her. He could stand in on her behalf. He could give love that no one else could. So… she decided to trust. Putting the car in drive she pulled forward. Forward to a new day tomorrow with trust and hope that He would fix her broken heart and relationships. Yes, she decided. A new tomorrow with Him looks brighter than the dark sky and miserable feelings of today. She was neither shy nor timid about her decision to keep Him first and to follow Him to tomorrow.


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