Permission to BE in BEING

Anyone else feel tied up and tight with pressure from self and others? Well this is your sign to take steps of freedom to just BE… Sometimes I feel caught in the past, or worried about the future, or like I’m chasing something that I don’t desire or want anymore, and I forget that I am allowed to BE in process as I do life. And I know others may feel the same. This is my note to you to embrace the freedom to BE.

Today, my friend, I release you.

I release you to relax and take a deep breath.

I release you to enjoy the short, good moments that you have on this earth.

I release you to do what you LOVE.

I release you to not just work for the sake of work, money, prestige, or something else that is an unstable foundation, but to work toward something you love because of passion and JOY. You were created with a personality and preferences on how to spend time and what hobbies and work you would pursue.

You, dear reader, have been put on this earth for a purpose… multiple purposes I’m sure, as seasons come and go and you move down your path and walk of life.

I release you to not stay caught up in what you DIDN’T do and HAVEN’T yet done, but in where you are in this moment of life; enjoy it.

I release you to have faith that you are where you are in life because you are supposed to be here right now.

I release you to not need to force yourself to hold onto past ideas that you claimed over yourself, or that others may have spoken over your life.

I release you to allow yourself to change.

You, dear reader, are a “being” a human being in BEING and you must allow yourself to BE. You must allow yourself to change. You are in process from what was to what is to what will be and change through the process is inevitable.

I release you to stop striving to be perfect.

I release you to go for a walk and take a break.

I release you to cry, even.

I release you to give yourself permission to be and breathe and relax into today, your purpose, what you love, and the inevitable change that’s coming as you just BE….

Today, dear reader, my friend, I release.

Past meets Present- Marching into 2015.

pic-1-wash-monNew Years is over, and I notice my friends and families lives transitioning from Holiday parties, Christmas music, and New Years resolutions- like hitting the gym more often, to busy work schedules and fresh calendars waiting to be filled. It is an exciting time, getting back to the daily grind, as we look with anticipation to this coming year.

My personal journal is filled with hopes and dreams of the places I want to see, the things I want to do, and the person I want to become in 2015. Joy, hope, and freedom are at the forefront of my mind, and are markers for why my recent trip to Washington, D.C. is so critical. Yesterday, I was blessed to walk the Reflection Pool where on one end, the Washington Monument stands guarding the city, and the other end houses the stately Lincoln Memorial. Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday- a national holiday. Yesterday, I stood and looked out from where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have A Dream Speech” in 1963, during the March on Washington. As I type, I sit in my friend’s apartment in D.C., reliving those moments and I realize that the city is iconic to a wonderful history that I get to be a part of. My history, my dreams, my goals for 2015 collide with the dreams of men and women past, who influenced this country before me. I couldn’t have planned a more inspiring start to this New Year. And I pray for more moments of being in the right place, at the right time for everyone, as we move through January into the rest of the year.

Check out this link from This short video, about the “March on Washington” from the History Channel, is inspiring.