New Ventures: It’s a Bellia Life

At Written Jewels, I’m excited to share an expansion to what I do and offer the world with all that Written Jewels stands for. Instead of staying focused on just the written part of what Written Jewels stands for, we’re expanding to ACTUAL jewelry too!

Written Jewels has been a living, growing venture since its inception in 2014. Originally it was a place, an outlet for me to write and share thoughts in a slightly vulnerable way. Then it grew to become focused on encouraging young women in their 20s-30s through the lessons of life I learned. The life lessons I wrote about were a conversation between myself and those read the “written jewels of hope” to get insight and encouragement.

In 2019, I then turned those writings to Written Jewels the book in order to reach NEW audiences. A beautiful coffee table book that I was excited to design in order to repurpose. I was encouraged by the positive feedback I got, and hopeful as Written Jewels expanded even more.

One thing I can’t seem to get away from writing about is health and wellness. I want to see people healed, and I myself have found freedom from overeating and food through the years. A number of products I use, have helped get me to a place of wellness: Juice Plus+, Kannaway, and Young Living Essential Oils. These are healthful products that I use daily, and the groups of amazing people I’ve met through using these products in my life, have brought a sense of well being and community that I can’t be selfish with. Hence, starting my own “Written Jewels Wellness Lifestyle” online, social group for people to learn from and be encouraged on their own wellness journeys. The goal? Inspire healthy living around the world through proper micro nutrition, CBD products, and essential oils which actually promote wellness at a physiological level.

Now, the new venture. Under the Written Jewels umbrella, I decided to become a brand partner with Bellia, a beautiful, exclusive jewelry line where jewelry is made in three countries- Spain, Mexico, and Italy- I am in awe over the expansion and alignment I’m finding to add products to Written Jewels beyond nutrition and wellness products.

I’m eager to see women gain confidence. I’m eager to see women embrace beauty. Inside and out. Written Jewels now has ACTUAL jewels to enhance its own growing brand, thanks to Bellia. And now I get to spread joy and happiness through the gorgeous, exclusive line only at Bellia.

The alignment I see through how everything we’re about at Written Jewels is amazing to me. And I hope YOU, reader, will check out the jewelry, knowing that when you purchase Bellia jewelry, you are getting one of a kind jewelry, unable to be purchased anywhere else—JUST LIKE YOU.

You are one of a kind. The Bellia mission statement: Jewelry can’t change the world, but the woman wearing it can. And that’s how myself, as the founder of Written Jewels hopes you walk away knowing, feeling, and embracing when you make a Bellia purchase and put on your jewelry.

So take a look today.

Shop well, be well. And Be YOUtiful with Bellia!

Juliandra Jackson, Founder of Written Jewels

{Q&A} Fitness, Nutrition or Both?

{Q & A} Featuring Rachel Mateo on Fitness, Nutrition, or Both?

Part one of a two part Q&A Interview with Rachel Mateo which answers the question: should you focus on fitness or nutrition more? It also touches on mindsets when it comes to body image and overall health.

Rachel has 15 years of personal training experience and a B.S. in Exercise Science. She currently works for Juice Plus+ as a Qualifying National Marketing Director, inspiring healthy living around the world by teaching on nutrition, and she is a certified group fitness instructor with Body By Rachel online and recently Fitology. She loves her husband and their dog May. She spends weekends traveling from Pennsylvania, her home state, to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware where she gets the freedom to run and play with the dog in the water.

Q: Weight lifting vs Cardio: How often do you get each into your weekly workouts? A: I do some form of cardio about 6 days a week and like to have variety in modality and intensity. This may include online cardio classes, running outdoors, body-weight/plyometric exercises, hiking, etc. As for weightlifting, usually 2-3 days with a focus on total body training each time… also gets the heart rate up which I feel is a great bonus!

Q: What would you recommend to a novice in the world of fitness in getting started on a workout routine for the first time? A: When first beginning to exercise, I feel it is very important to work with a professional (or at least someone you know who is seasoned and knowledgeable) to assist you in proper form and technique. Begin with the basics to build a good foundation. Try not to overdo the duration and intensity and give yourself proper rest/recovery in between workouts.

Q: What’s the most important thing to you when it comes to fitness and nutrition? Why? A: To focus on more than just your micronutrition (carbs, proteins, fats). These building blocks of any diet first and foremost need to be quality: Limiting/eliminating highly processed foods and anything artificial, while focusing on whole food. Your body, mind, emotions etc… will notice the difference when you flood your bloodstream with good, quality, nutrient dense foods and cut out the stuff that is unrecognizable and unnatural. Energy goes up and therefore you can have better workouts, better recovery, better results.

Your body, mind, emotions etc… will notice the difference when you flood your bloodstream with good, quality, nutrient dense foods and cut out the stuff that is unrecognizable and unnatural.

Rachel mateo

Q: How much do you recommend women eat calorie wise to maintain health when working out? Are calories even important? Why or Why not? A: There is something to be said for being aware of your calories in versus calories out, but it certainly should not be the sole focus. When you focus on eating clean, nutrient-rich whole foods you’re feeding your body what it truly needs so you can feel satisfied and maintain good will power. There can still be “too much of a good thing”, so when it comes to even your healthy, quality macronutrition, be aware of portion sizes, eat slowly and mindfully, and do not eat too late at night. I personally like to leave a 14 hour window from my last meal/snack of the day until my first the next day. When you stay within this eating window making health your priority in your choices your body has the chance to utilize these quality calories when they’re needed during your daily activities and then fully rest/recover at night.

Q: How do you fuel your body to work out each day? A: I live by the “WFPB” concept (Whole Food Plant Based). Not to say I’m vegan or vegetarian, but I’m mainly focused on trying to take in the most high quality nutrient and antioxidant foods. My complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and quality proteins come in the form of fruits, vegetables, nuts, nut butters,oats and gluten free grains, beans, organic vegan protein powders, almond milk, nondairy yogurt, etc. I do add in some eggs, fish/seafood and chicken from time to time, but not daily. So as an example, before a workout I’ll enjoy a light snack of an apple with almond butter or clementine with a handful of raw mixed nuts, and then post workout I’ll blend up a big filling smoothie with things like berries, almond milk, vegan protein powder, flaxseeds, chia seeds, coconut yogurt and cinnamon. Good energy in, good energy out!

Q: Do you put more value on nutrition or workouts? Why? A: Both are integral parts of total mind/body health, but when it comes to weight management, disease prevention, mood, energy, etc. nutrition takes the front seat. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “you can’t outrun your fork”? It’s basically to say that diet is about 80% of the equation when trying to lose weight. Same concept goes for when trying to build muscle or simply change the shape of your body. Workouts are certainly important for your metabolism and strengthening/building your muscles as well as creating a calorie deficit, but exercise alone could never get you there. At least not safely, healthfully and sustainably. We need the nutrition not only to repair the microtears in our muscles as we work them, but also play a huge role in recovery, neutralization of oxidative stress, decreasing of systemic inflammation, etc.

Q: How do you balance body image with being content with where you are and pursuing a certain look with being physically fit? What would you say to a woman struggling with body image concerns? How does mindset play a role in your own fitness and coaching? A: It’s not easy when we’re bombarded with images on tv, movies, social media, advertising… all putting labels on what is acceptable. We have to do our best to focus on our health and wellbeing first and know that our individual body type/shape is very unique. Instead of fighting an against the grain in an uphill battle to try to dramatically pursue a look that may not be the way your body is designed, try taking some time to really focus on the best YOU you can be. More intense/focused dieting and exercise routines (if done properly) may be ok for a short period of time, but it’s then more important to think of things in the long term. What is truly sustainable for real life? What diet and exercise routine will help you look and FEEL your personal best, physically and mentally? I recommend beginning and ending your day with some positive affirmations through meditation, prayer and/or self reflection. Then ultimately asking yourself: What is my motivation? Why do I want to look this certain way? If it’s centered around a positive, healthy result, go for it and seek professional guidance to help you in that direction. Also, choose an accountability buddy who also has similar goals as you. Having someone to talk to about your successes and struggles lets you know you’re not alone in your challenges and also makes it more fun to create your new healthy habits!

What is truly sustainable for real life? What diet and exercise routine will help you look and FEEL your personal best, physically and mentally? I recommend beginning and ending your day with some positive affirmations through meditation, prayer and/or self reflection.

Rachel Mateo