{Travel Tuesday} Nice: Beautiful French Riviera




The French Riviera though!!! The closest I’ve see to the gorgeous city of Nice in the USA is Santa Barbara, CA. You’ll just fall in love with walks along the beach, sunsets below the city, or in the hills above it, coastal views that wrap around harbors and marinas, up, down, in the city, or along the water, the beauty of the French Riviera, and today’s Travel Tuesday post in Nice will have your mouth watering.

I only spent three days there, but as a single female, traveling by myself that winter break in 2018, I felt comfortable walking and exploring both with the sun up and down. The city was pretty easy to navigate with a cell phone, but honestly the best was when I didn’t use a map and walked taking photos everywhere I went. If you have a camera you’ll hardly want to put it down, the quaint buildings, European architecture, and beach made for some of the prettiest photos. And if nothing else, I spend my time popping in and out of the cute shops after getting my fill of hills that line the coast and beach runs.




The hills were easy to climb and DEFINITELY worth the trek up. Stairs led the way, and at one point on the beach I looked up at the hills and saw an amazing waterfall with people milling about. Once finding my way, I realized the waterfall was man made, but only added to the unique appeal of city + coast + mountains.


Nice was a TAD expensive. I did the Air BnB thing which included breakfast, and I only bought food once a day outside of the morning toast and coffee provided, so I kept my costs down. That and I traveled after the holidays (a few days after New Years) and I think that helped me get around the tourist prices of traveling to the area. However, I treated myself to one “nice” meal (haha get it?) and though my host who recommended the restaurant said it would be okay for one person, I remember paying about 60 euros for just the food. Yikes! And the shops weren’t that far off as far as expense either… though I admit I spent most of my time in the touristy areas of Nice. Perhaps deeper into the city it would be cheaper? To me buying things wasn’t the point of my visit. My photos were enough of a souvenir and even now after going through them for months, I have too many to choose from to get printed and framed!

In all I recommend Nice 100%. Go here before Paris, please.


Deep Dish Chicago

Got a chance to bite into this crazy city. Shedd Aquarium, Navy Pier, River Boat Tour, J. Alexander’s food and drinks, old friends, new friends. Luckily it was a Bye week, so no Football Production for me, and my dear friend Dan took me on a 3 day tour of his new home. Loved visiting Chicago for the first time. My eyes were opened to a different side of the city that I only hear crime stories of in the news. I experienced friendly people and a good time all around. I’d go back for sure, even if it was only to get another slice of that deep dish pizza. (Which you eat with a fork by the way. Who knew?!)

PS. You know that Bean? The shiny one in the middle of Millennium Park? Yeah. It’s not a Bean. It’s actually called Cloud Gate and is supposed to give a perspective of being “weightless” as it reflects the city around the person. I guess it worked for me? If you ever get to Chicago stand in the center of the Bean and look up. It’s pretty cool.












Past meets Present- Marching into 2015.

pic-1-wash-monNew Years is over, and I notice my friends and families lives transitioning from Holiday parties, Christmas music, and New Years resolutions- like hitting the gym more often, to busy work schedules and fresh calendars waiting to be filled. It is an exciting time, getting back to the daily grind, as we look with anticipation to this coming year.

My personal journal is filled with hopes and dreams of the places I want to see, the things I want to do, and the person I want to become in 2015. Joy, hope, and freedom are at the forefront of my mind, and are markers for why my recent trip to Washington, D.C. is so critical. Yesterday, I was blessed to walk the Reflection Pool where on one end, the Washington Monument stands guarding the city, and the other end houses the stately Lincoln Memorial. Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday- a national holiday. Yesterday, I stood and looked out from where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have A Dream Speech” in 1963, during the March on Washington. As I type, I sit in my friend’s apartment in D.C., reliving those moments and I realize that the city is iconic to a wonderful history that I get to be a part of. My history, my dreams, my goals for 2015 collide with the dreams of men and women past, who influenced this country before me. I couldn’t have planned a more inspiring start to this New Year. And I pray for more moments of being in the right place, at the right time for everyone, as we move through January into the rest of the year.

Check out this link from HISTORY.com. This short video, about the “March on Washington” from the History Channel, is inspiring. http://www.history.com/topics/black-history/martin-luther-king-jr